Top AI Startups in India: Innovation Hub


India has become a hub for creative startups that use cutting-edge technology to revolutionize markets and propel corporate expansion in recent years. The artificial intelligence (AI)-focused startups among them have drawn a lot of interest. Here are the Top AI startups in India.

Here’s a list of Top AI Startups in India


Mockey AI- Top AI startups in India

Mockey.AI is one of the Top AI startups in India and Monkey AI is a mockup generator driven by AI that enables companies to produce high-quality product mockups quickly. The technology behind Mockey.AI understands a product’s design and then generates a lifelike mockup for use in product development, marketing, or sales. Try Mockey.AI has been used by companies of all sizes and has produced excellent results thus far.


ElasticRun- Top AI startups in India

ElasticRun is an innovative technology-based logistics platform that seeks to revolutionize the delivery of goods and services in India. The platform connects businesses with a network of local entrepreneurs while optimizing logistics operations using AI and machine learning. ElasticRun offers a wide range of services to a variety of industries, including retail, FMCG, and e-commerce, such as last-mile delivery, transport, and procurement.

Karya AI

Karya AI- Top AI startups in India

In 2017, Karya began as a Microsoft Research research project. In 2-21, it broke away from the company to become a separate entity. Their objective is to give underprivileged communities opportunities through technology. They ensure that their data solutions have a positive impact on society and technology by identifying, training, and compensating the workers who need the most, paying them twenty times the minimum wage.

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Crux Intelligence

Crux Intelligence- Top AI startups in India

Crux Intelligence is a fraud detection technology that uses artificial intelligence to help organizations stop fraud. The Crux Intelligence platform uses machine learning to analyze data and identify trends that point to fraud. Their products help businesses gain a competitive edge, boost productivity, and optimize processes. Companies of all kinds, such as banks, insurance providers, and retail stores, have used Crux Intelligence.


Artivatic- Top AI startups in India

Artivatic is an AI-powered insurtech startup situated in India. They use cutting-edge technologies like big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide distinctive insurance solutions. Its AI-powered predictive analytics platform helps businesses make more informed decisions. By automating underwriting, claims processing, and customer onboarding procedures, insurers can run their businesses more quickly and effectively by utilizing Artivatic‘s platform. Artivatic has been used by companies of all sizes, such as banks, insurance providers, and retail stores.

Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den- Top AI startups in India

Mad Street Den is a retail technology company that uses artificial intelligence to improve customers’ experiences and operations. Mad Street Den‘s platform uses computer vision, machine learning, and augmented reality to develop solutions that help businesses increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Their flagship product,, provides a range of AI-powered retail solutions such as product tagging, tailored recommendations, and visual search. Businesses of all sizes, including Shoppers Stop, Myntra, and Reliance Retail, have used Mad Street Den. Top AI startups in India

One of the newest AI startups in India, Arya focuses on developing conversational AI systems. Companies can develop intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants by utilizing their sophisticated natural language processing algorithms. With questions, bookings, reservations, and even shopping, can help. With its flagship product, Vega, which enables the quick development of complex systems, Arya helps businesses automate a range of challenging problems. Though is still in its early stages of development, it has the potential to be a very useful tool for individuals looking to organize their lives more effectively.

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UpTrain AI

UpTrain AI- Top AI startups in India

UpTrain is a Python framework that helps users evaluate the accuracy, consistency, bias, hallucination, and other aspects of their LLM applications. UpTrain‘s user-friendly design allows it to be seamlessly integrated into your existing LLM codebase with only minor modifications. Additionally, it is designed to be easily extensible, allowing you to add your metrics and checks as needed. Top AI startups in India, an Indian AI startup, offers the world’s best conversational CX platform for companies that value customer service. The successful integration of artificial and human intelligence has resulted in more on-demand consumer experiences and active learning. provides solutions for conversational commerce, customer support, HR, ITSM automation, and customer interaction, as well as platforms such as campaign management, bot studio, proprietary NLP, agent-assist dashboard, and others.


MachineHack- Top AI startups in India

Since its launch in 2018, MachineHack has been a prominent and dynamic online platform for the generative AI community. It provides a unique setting where developers, machine learning aficionados, and data scientists come together to address real-world problems. MachineHack is the ideal platform for skill testing, peer learning, and pushing the limits of AI technology.


Top AI startups in India ecosystem, including Monkey.AI, ElasticRun, and Artivatic, are driving the revolution in industry transformation through advanced technology. These startups show how artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionize industries by offering products and services that enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. India’s use of AI seems to have a promising and significant future.

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