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Many of our lives now revolve around texting. It’s quick, simple, and frequently more effective than making a call. However, what should you do if you receive the error “free msg: unable to send a message – message blocking active” while trying to text someone for a crucial matter? Despite being uncommon, a lot of people have nevertheless encountered this error. It can be extremely annoying and even lead to issues when attempting to get in contact with someone. You must first comprehend What is Message Blocking Active and why it happens before you can fix it. Finding the source of the issue will make fixing it much easier. Let’s investigate how to resolve message blocking as a current issue.

What is Message Blocking Active? 

The majority of people prefer texts over calls because they find them easy to use and reasonably priced. However, occasionally encountering complications when sending a text can lead to issues. One common problem arises when you attempt to send a message but receive an error stating that your “message blocking is active,” indicating that you cannot text a specific number. Several reasons may cause a message to be blocked, including:

Why is Message Blocking Active?

  • Faulty SIM card: You might receive this error if your SIM card isn’t functioning for some reason. You might not be able to send or receive calls or texts if the SIM card is blocked. When you receive the error, be sure to verify that your SIM card is operating properly.
  • Service issue: Due to carrier or service problems, you might see a pop-up saying “message blocking is active” or “unable to receive a message.” This indicates that there might be issues with your service, like signal loss or outages. Examine the network bar on your phone to see if a service outage or network loss is causing this error.
  • Premium Message Access: If you’ve configured your phone to not send or receive Premium Messages, that could also be the cause of a blocked text error. You will always encounter an error when attempting to send such a text, indicating that you are unable to receive it.
  • Carrier Issue: It might also be a service issue, which would indicate that there might be a problem with the carrier you use for your service. There can be a service interruption. Usually, you can tell this by looking at the network bars at the top of your display. You are receiving the error if there is no service. This would also imply that you are unable to make or receive phone calls or texts. Furthermore, this will apply to every contact—not just one in particular.
  • Phone Plan: You might be receiving this error if your carrier or sim requires you to be on any kind of specific plan. You might not be able to send messages without an internet or data connection, for example, if you have a data-only plan. You consequently get the blocking error message. Check and familiarize yourself with your data plan to determine this. Check for any such “Data only” provisions. Additionally, this issue would affect all contacts, not just one in particular.
  • Blocked Number: The most frequent reason for this error is that the number is blocked on your phone. It’s possible that you forgot about this purposeful action, or it was an accident. Maybe you were angry or upset with this contact, or maybe you didn’t recognize the number. It may even indicate that you have been blocked if you are unable to receive messages while blocking is in effect. Calling them or trying a different number will help you determine the cause of this, whichever it may be.
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How Do You Fix Message Blocking Active?

  • Swap SIM card: If the error is being caused by a defective SIM card, replacing the card will fix the issue. Since most people own several SIM cards, try using a different one to see if it works in place of your broken one.
  • Try Again: Sometimes, a mistake might have happened when you were typing the text. You can start over by deleting the text you were attempting to send. Don’t forget to exit and reopen the Messages app. This frequently resolves cache problems as well as typing errors that may have occurred. Verify the number accurately; there may have been a typo.
  • Solve storage problems: It’s possible that you don’t have enough storage when you get the “message blocking is active” error and are unable to receive messages. Verify if it’s full, then remove any texts and other items you don’t require. You’ll be able to make more room for new texts by doing this.
  • Check Service Coverage: On the upper right corner of your screen, notice the Network or Service bar. If you notice that there are no bars, it’s possible that you don’t currently have a network. Try moving to a new location, or wait for a few hours. Coverage problems frequently disappear on their own. If it continues, you can try changing the SIM card or contacting your service provider, as well as restarting your phone and re-inserting the SIM card.
  • Change your phone plan: The error may stem from your phone plan. Verify your plan to make sure you are switching to the right one. Recharge or think about switching to a different plan if you need data. You can do this by contacting customer service at your service provider, and they will assist you in modifying the plan. Additionally, make sure your plan is still active. If it is, renew it with data or airtime, as applicable.
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Additional Concerns You May Have Regarding Message Blocking

Q. How do you know if someone blocked your number?

Ans. Attempting to contact someone is the simplest method to find out if they have blocked your number. Try calling from a different number or on someone else’s phone to see if it works if your call is unsuccessful. If it does, the recipient has likely blocked your number.

Q. Are messages still delivered if blocked?

Ans. No, your texts won’t reach someone who has blocked your number. Therefore, it’s likely that you won’t even get a notification or “delivered” tick on your phone. In certain phones, the message ends up in the spam folder; in other phones, it never makes it to the phone and is nowhere to be found.

Q. How to contact someone if they have blocked you?

Ans. If you are blocked by someone, it is best to stay away from them. They are making it apparent that they would prefer not to speak with you. If you still wish to contact them, you can try messaging them on social media or calling a different number on your phone. You could even ask them to think twice by calling or texting them on someone else’s phone.


What is Message Blocking Active, Having message blocking turned on can make it more difficult to communicate effectively and make it more difficult to send and receive messages without interruption. People can prevent this phenomenon from hurting them and maintain open lines of communication by being aware of its causes and effects. Overcoming message blocking allows us to remain connected in a world where communication is becoming more and more interconnected. This can be achieved through changing settings, contacting carriers for help, or investigating other communication options.

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