Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024: Best Deals & Offers


Meesho always has exciting new products ready to add to your shopping plans. A variety of goods will be available for purchase and resale from the Meesho upcoming Sale 2024. It offers jewelry, purses, shoes, and clothes for both men and women. A wide range of household goods are also available, such as kids’ stuff and appliances for technology. Prepare yourself, then, for the greatest Meesho upcoming Sale 2024.

Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024 Overview

Meesho Upcoming SaleExpected DatesOffers Up To 60-80% On
Meesho Summer Sale29th July to 8th August 2024Fashion, Footwear, Electronics
Meesho Independence Sale8th to 14th August 2024All Apparel. Electronics
Meesho Maha Indian Drop Sale8th to 12th September 2024Personal Care, Beauty, Footwear
Meesho Maha India Shopping Sale28th September – 2nd October 2024Fashion, Electronics, Beauty
Meesho Mega Blockbuster Sale6th to 13th October 2024All Category 
Meesho Maha Diwali Sale27th October to 5th November 2024Ethnic Wear, Electronic Appliances, Jewellery
Meesho Winter Collection Sale24th to 29th November 2024All Category
Meesho Stock Clearance Sale2nd to 15th December 2024All Category
Meesho Christmas Sale20th to 26th December 2024All Category

Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024: Meesho Independence Sale 

On this day of independence, citizens should celebrate and feel gratified. With Meesho, you can shop with pride and take advantage of fantastic deals and discounts across a variety of categories. You can expect a 70% discount when you shop from a broad and colorful selection of kids’ wear, electronics, footwear, and clothes.

More Info:

  • From August 8 to August 14, the sale will only be available online. 
  • Fantastic deals and discounts across a variety of categories.
  • You can anticipate savings of up to 70% from the Meesho Independence Sale.
  • You can choose from an extensive and colorful selection of kids’ wear, electronics, shoes, and clothes.
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Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024
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Meesho Summer Sale 

Summertime brings bright colors and clothing, necessitating a variety of new appliances and home furnishings. Meesho can be used to spruce up your kitchen and house this summer. You can redesign your home and wardrobe at a reduced cost with the help of the Meesho summer sale. With so many options for appliances and products, you can prepare your house for summer. Also, a large selection of products from its kids’ and baby care line are available. The summer is predicted to be the peak of this upcoming Meesho sale.

More Info:

  • The sale will run from July 29th to August 8th.
  • You can also choose from a large selection of baby and children’s products.
  • You can redesign your home and wardrobe at a reduced cost with the help of the Meesho summer sale.
Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024
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Meesho Maha Indian Shopping League

Meesho, with its thousands of offers and deals, is quickly rising to the top of the e-commerce rankings. The website provides incredible discounts on a variety of shopping events. One such sale is the Meesho Maha Indian Shopping League. This sale has everything you’re looking for, including electronics, clothing, accessories, shoes, skin care products, and more. Look at the points below to learn more about it.

More Info:

  • 28th September – 2nd October 2024
  • Rebates on Health and Beauty Products
  • Save up to 70% on Traditional Ethnic Clothing
  • Save Money on Kitchen and Household Supplies
Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024
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Meesho Maha Indian Drop Sale 

Meesho’s loyal customers can expect to save up to 80% on a variety of products during its next sale. It is anticipated that a large assortment of apparel, accessories, and shoes will be at their lowest prices during the sale. You can get a good deal and save a lot of money by buying from its wide range of products.

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More Info:

  • The sale is scheduled to take place on September 8–12.
  • In many categories, discounts of up to 80% are anticipated as a result of the sale.
  • You can purchase from its extensive selection at a fair price with significant savings.
  • You can shop from over 60+ lakh different product ranges with the assistance of Meesho Maha Indian Price Drop Sale.
Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024
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Meesho Mega Blockbuster Sale

Hello everyone, are you itching to add the finest collection to your wardrobe? If so, you have good news to share. The massive blockbuster sale is back, just like it is every year. You must follow us if you want to add all the newest trends to your cart. If you’re looking for something stylish and current, check out the Mega Blockbuster Sale selection right now. Their collection includes a wide range of colors, such as lavender, teal, golden, coral, and green.

More Info:

  • Get guaranteed savings with Phonepe and Paytm.
  • The sale will run from October 6–13, 2024, with products priced at Rs. 100 and up.
  • Receive fantastic deals on accessories.
Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024
Meesho Mega Blockbuster Sale

Maha Diwali Sale

Diwali is almost here; where are you? Prepare to buy some of the hottest Diwali items with the Meesho Indian Diwali sale 2024. This Meesho festive sale offers great deals on electronics. You can expect massive discounts during this sale, even this year. From ethnic wear to footwear, children’s wear to men’s wear, electronics to household items, you can find the best deals. Check out the Meesho sale today!

More Info:

  • Get 80% off all your favorite products.
  • Receive free delivery and easy returns.
  • The sale will be live from October 27 to November 5, 2024.
Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024
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Meesho Winter Collection Sale

Meesho’s winter collection is the mesh sale, which will be available exclusively on the website from November 24th to 29th. This Meesho Next sale will provide you with the best winter wear at the lowest possible prices. This Meesho Maha Indian sale features the best selection of woolen tops, jackets, sweaters, track pants, and more. So get ready to shop for the best winter wear.

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More Info:

  • will only be available on the website from November 24 to November 29.
  • will provide you with the best winter clothing at the lowest possible cost.
  • The best selection of track pants, jackets, sweaters, and tops made of wool.
Meesho Winter Collection Sale
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Meesho Christmas Sale

Around Christmas time is when the Meesho Christmas sale takes place. The anticipated dates for this year are December 20–26. Santa Claus is en route to astonish you with incredible bargains and savings. Participating in the Christmas sale, which offers clothes, accessories, and shoes, is your ultimate Santa Meesho. Everything will be offered in excellent quality and at a fair price. What are all of you waiting for then? Naturally, Christmas!

More Info:

  • The Meesho Christmas sale occurs during the actual Christmas season.
  • This year, the dates that are anticipated are December 20–26.
  • Provides regular winter clothing and the greatest party.
Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024
Meesho Christmas Sale

FAQ of Meesho Upcoming Sale 2024

Q1. What is the customer care number for Meesho?

Ans. You can email or call 080-61799600 to reach Meesho Customer Care. Calling the Meesho helpline number will put you in contact with customer service representatives.

Q2. What is the Meesho Blockbuster sale discount?

Ans. Beginning on October 6, the Mega Blockbuster sale on the e-commerce platform Meesho has garnered significant attention because of its steep discounts of up to 80% on a range of categories, including footwear, accessories, electronics, and necessities.

Q3. Are used clothes sold by Meesho?

Ans. Meesho is one of the most helpful platforms for people looking to sell their used clothing because it has millions of active users, the majority of whom are women. The best website for selling used clothing for cash is Meesho, which is well-known for reselling.

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