How to Use Supercoins in Flipkart? Tips to Earn Rewards


Flipkart provides prizes in the form of coins. For example, if you purchase a specific item, you can get Flipkart Super Coins. How to Use Supercoins in Flipkart? Flipkart is a large e-commerce company. It is also integrated with a variety of other e-commerce platforms, including Zomato, Make-My-Trip, Swiggy, Oyo, and Urban Clap. The coins can be utilized across numerous Flipkart sites.

The e-commerce giant is offering 4 Super Coins on Flipkart for every Rs. 100 spent. Customers can use the points they acquire to buy things, recharge their phones, receive free services, and much more. You can exchange your super coins for rupees, among other bonuses. Check the Flipkart 50 Super Coin pricing below.

How to Use Supercoins in Flipkart, let me explain:

  • Only items listed under Supercoins in Flipkart are eligible for coin usage.
  • Super Coins may be exchanged for coupons and vouchers by users
  • On Flipkart, you will see ‘₹1 Store’. Use it to purchase goods for just ₹1 such as kettles and bed linens.
  • It makes purchasing airline tickets simple.
  • Use super coins to purchase coupons and EGV

What is Flipkart’s worth in Indian rupees?

if fifty super coins are earned. Thus, a Rs. 1000 gift card is yours to receive. And you can use the specified amount to purchase stuff. Supercars are extremely precious because of this.

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How can I renew my subscription to Flipkart Plus?

Are you trying to find a way to extend your subscription to Flipkart Plus? To put it plainly, a person needs to have 200 super coins accumulated over the previous 12 months. If a member has enough coins, their membership will automatically renew.

How can I convert Flipkart Super Coins to Rupees?

Supercoins in Flipkart is a payment option that can be used on Flipkart’s affiliate programs. Thus, super coins can be utilized for a variety of purposes. This covers gift card purchases, Flipkart purchases, travel reservations, everyday essentials, OTT subscriptions, and more.

However, Supercoins in Flipkart cannot be turned directly into cash. However, these may be readily used to pay for over 1,000 partner companies and services. Flipkart also allows you to buy subscriptions to popular OTT sites like Zee5, and Disney+, Hotstar.

Benefits of Supercoins Flipkart:

  • Super Coins can be used at Flipkart to get incredible deals on your favorite things.
  • With further savings, you can buy items for as little as Rs. 1, Rs. 49, or Rs. 99.
  • You can redeem these Super Coins based on your needs. There are relatively few if any at all.
  • Super Coins allow you to take advantage of coupons and vouchers.
  • You can also transact on other partnered platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Make My Trip, and many others.
  • Super Coins can be used to play games and win exciting prizes.
  • Use Flipkart Super Coin to recharge your phone or pay expenses.

How can you redeem Super Coins on Flipkart?

  • Go to Flipkart’s official website or app.
  • Press, touch, or click “Go to Plus Zone”.
  • In the Plus Zone, click “My Plus Coin Balance”.
  • You can then use your Super Plus coins to purchase the voucher or product of your choice.
  • Any extra certificate or coupon requires a minimum of 50 Super Coins. 
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What Flipkart rewards can you get with Super Coins?

Flipkart allows users numerous ways to use Supercoins. You can use supercoins to gain discounts on certain purchases. Furthermore, it is redeemable for a variety of subscriptions. Read about the Flipkart Rewards listed below:

  • YouTube Premium Membership: If you have 150 Super Coins, you can purchase a YouTube Premium membership. It will also let you access six months of ad-free YouTube, as well as a YouTube Music trial.
  • ZEE 5 subscription: Get a ZEE 5 subscription for only 350 Super Coins. It will even.
  • Disney+ Hotstar Subscription: Get a free Disney + Hotstar subscription without paying anything. You will also receive a Hotstar VIP Subscription if you have 1499 Flipkart Super Coins
  • ALT Balaji Subscription: ALT Balaji Subscription- ALT Balaji focuses on programs, shows, and fascinating serials. With only 250 Super Coins, you can get a one-year subscription and view all Ekta Kapoor episodes.

FAQ of How to Use Supercoins in Flipkart

Q1. How many SuperCoins are equivalent to one rupee?

Ans. SuperCoins are equivalent to one Indian rupee.

Q2. Can we convert Super Coins into cash?

Ans. According to Flipkart’s policy, you cannot convert Supercoins to cash.

Q3: Do SuperCoin on Flipkart expire?

Ans. SuperCoin on Flipkart will expire after six months.

Q4. How much is 50 SuperCoins on Flipkart?

Ans. If you have 50 Super Coins on Flipkart, you can buy a Rs 1000 gift voucher.

Q5. Can I pay using Supercoins?

Ans. You may use Flipkart Super Coins to purchase a variety of things.


You may quickly obtain Flipkart Super Coins and use them to reap a variety of rewards. So, don’t waste any time and start accumulating these points as soon as possible to reap the rewards listed above.

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