How to Get iPhone Emojis on Android?


Let’s explore the ways to give you iPhone Emojis On Android Devices. Are you an admirer of the expressive charm of iPhone emojis but use Android? You may have experienced jealousy when friends who own iPhones send you those cute and funny icons that have an unmatched ability to express emotions. Do not be alarmed; it is quite possible to bridge the emoji divide between Android and iPhone. There are ways to get iPhone emojis on your Android smartphone, even though Android smartphones come with their own set of emojis.

How to Use a Font Style to Get iPhone Emojis on Android?

  • Launch the Google Play application.
  • Look for Emoji Fonts for FlipFont.
  • From the list, pick the app.
  • Press Install.
3 Image
  • Open the app after it has been installed.
  • Press “Continue.”
  • There will be an advertisement. Tap Continue once the advertisement has concluded.
  • Click on Preview The Fonts.
  • The Emoji Font 10 font can be tapped.
6 Image
  • Tap Use This Font from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
7 Image
  • Choose Font Style > Emoji Font 10 for the font.
  • It is not possible to use this app on your phone if it does not have a Font-style screen.
8 Image
  • When texting, you can now choose from a large selection of emojis that resemble iPhones.

Use the Green Apple Keyboard on Android to access iPhone emojis

  • Launch the Google Play application.
  • Enter “Green Apple Keyboard” in the search bar.
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9 Image
  • From the list of results, pick the Green Apple Keyboard app.
  • Press Install.
10 Image
  • Open the app after it has been installed.
  • To enable in Settings, select Enable on the setup screen.
11 Image
  • Turn on the Green Apple Keyboard by flipping the switch.
12 Image
  • Verify that you are comfortable with the app reading what you type.
13 Image
  • To get back to the app, press the back arrow.
  • Toggle Input Techniques
14 Image
  • Choose US English. Apple Keyboard in Green.
15 Image
  • Launch a messaging program. The Green Apple Keyboard logo ought to be visible at the edge of the keyboard, signifying that it is the one being used right now.
  • Press the emojis key.
  • Now, you have a selection of emojis reminiscent of the iPhone.
17 Image

Make new emojis with Emoji Kitchen

You can get new emojis in ways other than through software updates. Emojis are used by Google’s Gboard keyboard intriguingly. It remixes pre-existing emojis rather than creating new ones. Ever desired a dollar-sign-eyed ghost emoji? Or, above it, an alien spacecraft covered in hearts? Most likely not, but come on, you’re thinking of uses for that already, aren’t you?

Gboard is the only platform where this occurs and is exclusive to Android phones. You may need to turn it on, but if you’re using a Google Pixel smartphone, you most likely already have it. We’ll walk you through activating and using the feature. Before beginning, make sure to download and enable Gboard.

  • Select a messaging app to use, then open the keyboard by tapping a text field.
  • After selecting the top-left Options button, select Settings.
  • Choose GIFs, stickers, and emojis.
  • Verify that Emoji stickers are enabled.
  • Return to the messaging app and choose an emoji from the Emoji list.
  • Gboard is going to produce some remixed emojis based on that original emoji when it shows up in your text box.
  • Select one to have it sent as a sticker.
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Install Third-Party Keyboards and Apps

Emojis are currently compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, so getting emojis doesn’t require Installing a new keyboard. You can, however, Install certain apps to get additional bonuses and more emojis to play with.

Bitmoji, which is compatible with Android devices as well, is ideal for creating customized emojis. You can make your own Bitmoji version of yourself by downloading it. It will allow you to pose yourself in various ways and give the traditional emojis a unique spin.

An additional choice is Facemoji, which is accessible on Android as well and offers over 5,000 emojis, an integrated meme generator, and an entirely customizable keyboard.


Emoji Fonts for FlipFont 10, Green Apple Keyboard and Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons are two examples of third-party applications that make it possible to obtain iPhone emojis on Android devices. These techniques may differ slightly in how they are carried out, but they give Android users access to a large selection of emojis, thereby bridging the gap between platforms.

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