How to Change Your MacBook Wallpaper?


You will learn How to Change Your MacBook Wallpaper in this article. Are you sick and weary of opening your MacBook only to stare at the same old wallpaper? It’s time to give your screen a fresh coat of paint! A quick and easy way to customize your MacBook and breathe new life into your digital workspace is to change the wallpaper. With this simple guide, I can help you set a motivational quote, your favorite photo, or a breathtaking landscape as your background.

How to Change Your MacBook Wallpaper via System Settings

  • Navigate to Apple Menu -> System Settings or use the Dock to access System Settings.
  • Click the Wallpaper button from the left bar.
  • Select the display you wish to modify if your Mac has an external display connected to it.
  • Apple provides a variety of desktop backgrounds, such as dynamic wallpapers, pictures, shuffle aerials, solid colors, and more.
MacBook Wallpaper via System Settings
  • Look over the options and pick a wallpaper that you like.
  • Your Mac desktop background will be instantly updated once you make a selection.

How to Change Your MacBook Wallpaper via Finder

  • Open Finder and find the place where your favorite image is located.
  • After locating the image, give it a right-click.
  • Select the option labeled “Set Desktop Picture” from the list.
MacBook Wallpaper via Finder
  • That’s all it takes to set your preferred image as your Mac’s desktop background.
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How to Change Your MacBook Wallpaper via Photos App

  • To set a particular photo as your Mac’s desktop background, open the Photos app on your Mac and select it.
MacBook Wallpaper via Photos App
  • Select Set Wallpaper by clicking the Share button at the top.
MacBook Wallpaper via Photos

How to Make Your Image a Wallpaper

The upper left corner displays the Apple icon. When you click on it, a drop-down menu ought to appear. All of your macOS settings should appear in a new window when you click on “System Settings.” You may need to scroll down a little, but once you do, you should be able to see the ‘Wallpaper’ section on the left side of the new menu. Click on it.

When you scroll down to the bottom of the wallpaper settings screen, you’ll notice two buttons: “Add Folder” and “Add Photo Album.” You can set some of your photos as your desktop wallpaper in this way.

This is where you’ll go to set a screenshot of your favorite show or movie, or perhaps a priceless picture of your pet, as your wallpaper.

Just keep in mind that the image or images you wish to use must already be in an album created in your Photos app. You must right-click the image in your MacBook photo library and select “set as wallpaper” if you only want to use one picture.

FAQ of How to Change Your MacBook Wallpaper

Q1. On a Mac, how can you set Google as your background?

A. To use Google Wallpaper on a Mac, download the image and open it in the designated location. After that, right-click it and select Set Desktop Picture.

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Q2. Could I set a photo from the internet as my Mac’s wallpaper?

A. It is possible to set an online image as your Mac’s wallpaper. To do this, choose Use Image as Desktop Picture from the menu when you right-click the image in the browser window. Nevertheless, this technique is limited to the Safari web browser. You can install the image and set it as your wallpaper for other browsers.

Q3. How can I set the wallpaper on my MacBook to be different from the lock screen?

A. Wallpaper in Settings. Press the “home screen” to the right. You can select a different background there for your home screen. There, you can also select a different wallpaper for your lock screen.


Here is a detailed guide on How to Change Your MacBook Wallpaper! You can change your screen and add your distinct style and personality to it with a few clicks. So go ahead and experiment with different wallpapers to give your MacBook a unique look.

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