How to Become an AI Product Manager?


This comprehensive guide on how to become an AI product manager is provided in light of the expanding opportunities and growing interest in the field. Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us; it’s present in many industries, jobs, and gadgets. Furthermore, by 2030, AI is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the world economy. The data regarding AI usage, jobs, and products will be viewed by a wise person as having the potential to increase GDP for local economies by 26%. Numerous job openings in the product management field of artificial intelligence can be found on various websites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and others. 

What Does an AI Product Manager Do?

  • Product Strategy: They formulate an idea for the final product. Make links between AI technology and user requirements across a range of industries, including medical diagnostics.
  • Gathering Requirements and Roadmapping: They prioritize needs by closely collaborating with stakeholders and developing development project roadmaps, such as e-commerce suggestions.
  • Data Management: They are in charge of gathering, keeping, and evaluating the data needed to train AI models.
  • Market Research and Optimisation: Their responsibilities include leading sales campaigns, organizing marketing campaigns, and improving the product after it is released. This can include things like efficiently managing inventory systems and driving autonomous cars.

Key Skills and Competencies for an AI Product Manager

  • Technical Expertise: They need to be knowledgeable about AI technologies, such as natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Communication and teamwork skills: Product vision alignment is made possible by efficient teamwork and communication.
  • Research Capabilities: Product managers for AI need to analyze competitors’ products, monitor trends, evaluate product value, and conduct market research.
  • Marketing and Sales: It’s essential to comprehend marketing and sales concepts, particularly in the healthcare industry and related businesses.
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How to Become an AI Product Manager?

  • Pursue Formal Education in Foundational Areas: A bachelor’s degree in information technology, business administration, computer science, or a related field is typically required to complete formal education. This provides foundational knowledge and proficiency in fundamental concepts, as well as industry-specific technical skills. A degree in Business Administration, for example, delves into the complexities of business and industry, providing insights into product aspects that are critical to the role of an AI product manager.
  • Understand Artificial Intelligence: Although foundational courses offer clarity on related aspects, including AI, deeper knowledge must be acquired independently. This deeper understanding becomes essential when considering product functionality, addressing customer needs, enhancing user experience, and suggesting pertinent product improvements.
  • Understand Product Development Processes: The management of business, technology, and user aspects is included in product development. Competence in overcoming obstacles in these domains is learned via experience and understanding of product development procedures. Understanding profitability, resource management, team leadership, product roadmapping, and performing market and customer research are all included in this learning process.
  • Build a Network and Seek Mentorship: Gaining industrial exposure is crucial once the basics are understood. Experience is invaluable, but mentorship tailored to your needs provides essential insights into the field and helps you choose a domain of interest. Connect with AI product managers to learn about their organizations, associated challenges, responsibilities, and other pertinent aspects specific to your field of interest.
  • Enhance Soft Skills and Communication: Developing the right soft skills is equally vital for advancement. Skills such as negotiation, communication, leadership, project management, strategic thinking, analytical abilities, technical proficiency, and ethical decision-making are essential.
  • Use the Right Platform to Apply for AI PM Jobs: When looking for AI Product Manager positions, it is recommended that you navigate various platforms. Generalized job portals such as Naukri, Indeed, and LinkedIn are popular options, whereas AI-specific job portals such as AI Job Board or specialize in artificial intelligence roles.
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Average Salary of an AI Product Manager

An AI product manager’s normal yearly compensation ranges from INR 23 lakhs to INR 31 lakhs, with an average salary of approximately INR 27 lakhs in India.

What is AI Product Management?

Within a company’s product development division, the position of a product manager is well-defined. The hired professionals follow product management principles, focusing on ideation through product execution.

Product management for AI is a more advanced position with more recent openings. Deep learning, machine learning, and/or artificial intelligence are all included in executive product development. While staying away from the technical details entirely, product management for AI must comprehend its potential and how it will affect future product development.


Q1. Is managing AI products a rewarding career?

Ans. The position of an AI product manager presents a viable career path given the rise in the market for AI-based products and the expansion of AI usage.

Q2. What kinds of jobs are available for AI product managers?

Ans. Product managers frequently advance to positions in AI-related fields, which present bright opportunities for professional advancement.

Q3. To become an AI Product Manager, do I need to have a technical background?

Ans. Having a technical background makes handling responsibilities much easier. Thus, to guarantee the greatest results at work, it is advised that one acquire one.

Q4. How can I stay current with intelligence as it develops?

Ans. To keep up with the latest developments and trends in artificial intelligence, it’s critical to actively participate in learning through conferences and courses. Participating actively in AI-related communities can also be very advantageous.

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