ExpressVPN Review: Is It Worth the Hype?


One of the most well-known names in virtual private networks (VPNs) is ExpressVPN. An increasing number of people are using VPN services to safeguard their digital footprint as worries about online privacy and security grow. We will go into great detail about ExpressVPN Review, its features, benefits, and whether or not it is worth the money in this review.

What’s New in ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN has undergone a complete makeover that was unveiled in October 2023. New ad and adult website blockers, desktop app auto-update functionality, a larger server network, and an enhanced multi-device policy that allows for up to eight simultaneous connections with a single subscription are all included. Additionally, the company’s Lightway encryption protocol now has post-quantum protection, making it one of the rare VPN services.

Another new feature that comes free with your subscription is Keys, the highly customizable secure password manager offered by ExpressVPN. Notable additions include the ability to store credit card information, create secure notes, and even import login credentials into Chrome. Better still, the provider has now formally released Keys to all users following a successful beta release. 

In other news, ExpressVPN has launched Aircove, a potent Wi-Fi 6 router with integrated support for the company’s router app and certified by Cure53. After setting this up at home, you can use ExpressVPN on all of your internet-connected devices right away without worrying about device connection limits or needing to install any additional apps.

The pricing of Aircove, which launches at $169.90 (regularly $189.90), also seems good. However, if you’re on a tight budget, don’t worry—you can still download and install the ExpressVPN router app for free on your hardware, provided that it is compatible. Further details are available on the official Router setup page.

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Expressvpn Features

Multiple layers of privacy protection are provided by a robust set of core features. Superior encryption keeps prying eyes off of your traffic; secure DNS keeps your ISP from viewing it as well; and if the VPN fails, a kill switch cuts off your internet access to keep you safe.

Express also has some cutting-edge security features. First off, it’s among the select few that include its password manager, Keys, as a VPN feature instead of charging extra for it. Keys is accessible independently as a Chrome and Firefox browser extension and is incorporated into ExpressVPN’s iOS and Android apps. 

Along with a new ad and adult-site blocker, it also offers a Threat Manager system, which is a web tracker and malware blocker that you can turn on and off directly from the settings menu. Even better, the Aircove Router now supports the tool. I then decided to test this tool by attempting to connect to 167 brand-new malicious websites during our final testing session.

Positive outcomes were observed, as 86% of the sample sites were blocked by the app. While Windscribe received a perfect 100%, it was unable to match NordVPN’s 96% efficacy; nevertheless, it is still above average and a useful additional layer of security for any system.  

Similar results were seen with Threat Manager’s ad blocking, as its 69% score beat many well-known competitors (including NordVPN, which only scored 51%) but fell short of Hide. me and Mullvad’s outstanding 91% block rate.

However, ExpressVPN outperforms the competition in more ways than just basic features. Its technologies are distinct. For example, ExpressVPN’s quick and safe VPN protocol is called Lightway. Additionally, even on devices that are unable to run apps, the MediaStreamer smart DNS system makes it possible to unblock some websites.

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Expressvpn Pricing Plans

The provider has a very straightforward pricing structure with just three plans, the first of which is a monthly-billed product for $12.95, as detailed in our dedicated ExpressVPN pricing and deals guide. Although it’s not cheap, the cost of a single month is rather typical. The longer subscription plans are where the industry offers the most savings. The cost becomes $9.99 a month when you subscribe to ExpressVPN’s 6-month plan. Compared to some competitors who don’t offer a 6-month plan at all, that discount is pretty reasonable and offers you more flexibility.

Core privacy protections still in place

ExpressVPN differentiates itself in the privacy space, in part, thanks to its TrustedServer technology. The foundation of the diskless, RAM-only server architecture, which assumes that server data is not kept on a hard disk and is entirely erased upon server shutdown or reboot, is what TrustedServer builds upon. With TrustedServer, ExpressVPN goes one step further by replacing the whole software stack each time it reboots, reducing the possibility of configuration errors. One method that ExpressVPN keeps raising the standard for privacy protections in the VPN sector is the extra reinstallation step.

When I forced a break in the VPN connection during my testing, the Network Lock kill switch performed as expected. Industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption from ExpressVPN is reliable and comparable to that of other leading VPN services like Surfshark and NordVPN. The fact that ExpressVPN is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands—a privacy-friendly jurisdiction free from laws requiring data retention and outside of data-sharing agreements like the Fourteen Eyes countries—will also be appreciated by users who value their privacy.

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While IPVanish’s US jurisdiction, Surfshark’s Netherlands jurisdiction, and PIA’s jurisdiction are less favorable for privacy, NordVPN’s Panama jurisdiction is. I also like how obfuscation is implemented by default in the Lightway protocol: You can hide your VPN use as long as you’re connecting through Lightway rather than making separate connections to obfuscated servers.


Q1. Can you get a free trial of ExpressVPN?

Ans. Kind of. Although there isn’t a formal free trial offered by the provider, there is a money-back guarantee with no conditions. This implies that you can cancel your ExpressVPN subscription plan at any time during the first 30 days and receive a refund if you don’t like the service. But keep in mind, that you’ll need to make an initial financial investment.

Q2. Does ExpressVPN cause a lag in your internet speed?

Ans. Any VPN, including ExpressVPN, may cause your internet connection to lag a little bit because encrypting and transmitting data over a VPN tunnel has overhead. In certain cases, the differences are so slight that you probably won’t even notice them when performing the majority of your daily tasks online.

Q3. Will my phone or laptop battery be depleted by ExpressVPN?

Ans. To run on your hardware, ExpressPN requires some system resources, just like any other application you use on it. Consequently, the resources will affect a portable device’s battery life. However, this shouldn’t have a greater impact on your experience than any other app.

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