10 Best Tripods for Phones in 2024


Stable, high-quality photos are more important than ever in this era of smartphones, where every scene is a potential masterpiece and every moment is a photo opportunity. This is where phone tripods come into play, providing a flexible way to take amazing pictures and videos without having to deal with unsteady surfaces or unsteady hands. Let’s explore the world of Tripods for Phones and learn about all of their advantages.

How to Choose the Best Tripods for Phones and DSLRs in India?

  • Weight and Material: If you are someone who travels frequently or plans to shoot outside, you should choose a tripod that is lightweight and portable. But paying attention to the tripod’s material is just as crucial. It must be strong enough to support your camera. The tripod’s long-term use is contingent upon the quality of the material used. When it comes to materials for mobile tripod stands, aluminum alloy is one of the most reliable options.
  • Versatility and Value for Money: Seek tripods that work well with a variety of gadgets, including GoPro cameras, smartphones, and other gadgets. It is important to make sure that the tripod’s functionality, design, and quality match the price you are paying for it. A detailed analysis of several tripods from the perspective of your needs may be beneficial.

10 Best Tripods for Phones List

Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod: This is a top-notch tripod stand that works well for shooting in low light. It is easy to use and compatible with smartphones, cameras, and GoPro gear. Its two-way heads are ideal for panoramic and long-exposure photography. It has three strong, multi-section legs that are easily adjustable to the height you need to take the picture.

Price: ₹1549

Why Is It So Good?

  • It is portable and light enough to be carried anywhere.
  • Getting shots from various perspectives is beneficial.
  • has clip lock seals installed for increased stability.
Digitek DTR 550 LW Tripod

Mobimint 7 Feet Big Tripod Stand: Brand-new, high-quality phone bracket that automatically adjusts its elastic band to fit phones with a 5.5-8.8 cm width. The phone bracket is lightweight, adjustable, and convenient to use and carry. It fits into any 1/4″ tripod stand because it has a standard tripod hole. System of Center Shaft Jacking: Lightly press this button to operate the jacking system. The center shaft is easily able to move up and down when the button is loose. The height can be adjusted when the button becomes too tight. The camera can move steadily and with ease up and down.

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Price: ₹499

Why Is It So Good?

  • Most continuous lights, accessories, and monolights/strobes can be mounted with the universal 1/4 mounting thread.
  • Ideal light stands for use in the studio or on location; air-cushioned extension movement guards against harm to the body and ensures light safety.
Mobimint 7 Feet Big Tripod Stand

AmazonBasics 60-inch Lightweight Tripod: This tripod is the best option if you travel and want to take steady photos at uneven locations. Its built-in bubble level guarantees that the tripod will be simple to use on any kind of surface. The tripod can support heavy cameras weighing up to 6.6 pounds because it is strong and composed of the finest materials. It is the greatest value for the money and is lightweight.

Price: ₹599

Why Is It So Good?

  • incredibly transportable.
  • Rubber feet that are non-slip for a good grip.
  • Its swivel head guarantees unhindered movement for every shot.
AmazonBasics 60-inch Lightweight Tripod

Tygot 3366 Aluminum Tripod: Easy to carry, with a 52cm folded height and a lightweight aluminum alloy construction with a portable handheld handle. The tripod’s middle axis design and three-section telescoping legs allow for infinite height adjustment; when the middle axis is fully extended, the maximum usable height is 135 cm. The three-dimensional platform makes it simple to modify the shooting angle, and the quick-release plate with a 1/4-inch screw makes it quick and easy to load and unload your camera.

Price: ₹699

Why Is It So Good?

  • The tripod is lightweight and portable, with a folded height of 52 cm and an easy-to-carry portable handheld handle made of aluminum alloy.
  • The quick-release plate with a 1/4-inch screw allows you to quickly load and unload your camera, and the three-dimensional platform makes it simple to adjust the shooting angle.
Tygot 3366 Aluminum Tripod

YOZTI 7 Feet Long Tripod Stand: With its unique design, the YOZTI 7-foot Long Tripod Stand offers a ring light for taking flawlessly bright photos. This tripod makes it simple to take live streaming, makeup tutorial videos, and selfies. The ring light is also detachable, which adds to its extreme versatility and portability. Eleven brightness settings and three illumination settings are available on this chic tripod. It features a 360-degree rotating phone holder that is fully adjustable.

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Price: ₹899

Why Is It So Good?

  • incredibly adaptable and portable.
  • It has a remote holder that is adjustable.
  • For wider shots, the legs can be spread out to a width of thirty inches.
YOZTI 7 Feet Long Tripod Stand

Tygot Gorilla Tripod: With its versatility, the Tygot micro tripod is a Gorilla tripod that works with almost all modern DSLR cameras and smartphones. The legs of this tripod have multiple retractable joints, which makes it easy to wrap them over uneven surfaces and take photos from any angle. Its phone holder is of excellent quality and features form-fitting cushioning on the back. Its 360-degree rotation makes it the perfect tripod for taking pictures of the landscape. It’s simple to switch between landscape and portrait mode.

Price: ₹289

Why Is It So Good?

  • offers a firm grip for steady images.
  • Rubber feet that are non-slip for a firm grip.
  • Because it is composed of an aluminum alloy, great durability is guaranteed.
Tygot Gorilla Tripod

BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod: Large, robust, and conventional, the BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod is an excellent choice for taking amazing photos. It has a three-way head that offers decent support and durability. A smartphone or camera weighing up to 5.51 lbs can be supported by this tripod. This tripod has an adjustable pan head that rotates 360 degrees to capture images from various perspectives. It has bubble view settings to create the perfect widescreen images. The tripod features 20 1/4′′ screws for panoramic shots and a quick mechanism.

Price: ₹1875

Why Is It So Good?

  • includes a guarantee.
  • An excellent and robust tripod.
  • The highest point at which it can be read is 56.5 inches.
BENRO T560 Aluminium Tripod

Everycom T1-Pro Professional Camera Tripod: For optical viewfinders, the Everycom T1-Pro Professional Camera Tripod is a tripod that is compatible with most devices. It can be utilized with a phone adapter, Digicam, or cellphone. It features both a 1/4 screw and a height adjuster for better device calibration. It has an easy-to-unlock, flip-leg latch that makes installation hassle-free. This tripod’s extendable legs can be extended to a maximum height of fifty inches.

Price: ₹1,549

Why Is It So Good?

  • A tripod that is portable and light.
  • Safe locking mechanism for convenient carrying.
  • The tripod’s height is easily adjustable to accommodate shots taken from different angles.
Everycom T1-Pro Professional Camera Tripod

WeCool S1 Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand: This amazing Selfie Stick, which is made of beautiful aluminum, provides unmatched stability and longevity. You can capture the ideal shot with its user-friendly design, whether it’s a wide angle, selfie, or live stream video. Our multifunctional Selfie Stick with Tripod is expertly crafted to work with an extensive range of smartphones, supporting screen sizes ranging from 4″ to 6.5″. Your phone can be held in it with or without its protective cover.

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Price: ₹499

Why Is It So Good?

  • With screen sizes ranging from 4″ to 6.5″, our selfie stick with a tripod is an adaptable device that can hold your phone with or without its protective case. Its meticulous design makes it compatible with a wide variety of smartphones.
  • The tiny Bluetooth remote attaches to the handle of the selfie stick when not in use and allows you to control the shutter of your smartphone camera wirelessly from up to 33 feet away. both iOS and Android OS are compatible.
WeCool S1 Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand

Tygot Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Sticks: This is a mobile phone selfie stick that supports Bluetooth. Simply press the wireless remote to take a picture. A small wireless remote that can be used up to 15 feet away from your phone is included with the Bluetooth Selfie Stick. You can record your favorite videos or take selfies with the Ultra Light Selfie Stick. Measuring just 113 grams, this multipurpose tripod features a selfie stick.

Price: ₹329

Why Is It So Good?

  • The Tygot foldable and portable selfie stick is small. It has a maximum extension length of 60 cm.
  • This is a mobile phone selfie stick with Bluetooth capability. Simply press the wireless remote to take a picture.
Tygot Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Sticks

FAQ of Tripods for Phones

Q1. Are mobile tripod stands made of aluminum alloy good?

A. Indeed, the tripod is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which guarantees its stability and long-lastingness. Tripods made of aluminum alloy are excellent choices for outdoor photography.

Q2. How good is the Gorilla tripod?

A. Indeed, one of the greatest tripods for DSLRs and phones available in India is the Trigot Gorilla tripod. It is lightweight, reasonably priced, and guarantees a steady hold for steady photos.

Q3. Do many people own Manfrotto tripods?

A. Indeed, the market is being won over by the newest line of Manfrotto mobile tripod stands due to their small size and variety of styles.

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