AWS CodeWhisperer vs Copilot: A Comprehensive Comparison


GitHub and OpenAI collaborated on Copilot, an AI-powered code completion tool. It works seamlessly with popular code editors. To provide intelligent code suggestions and autocompletion, it uses a machine-learning model trained on a large amount of publicly available code. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive comparison of these AI-powered coding assistants AWS CodeWhisperer vs Copilot.

AWS CodeWhisperer vs Copilot Different

  • Copilot Overview: Copilot is an AI-powered code completion tool that GitHub and OpenAI developed together. It seamlessly integrates with well-known code editors. To provide intelligent code suggestions and autocompletion, it makes use of a machine-learning model that has been trained on a large amount of publicly available code. By providing contextual code snippets and even whole functions based on the code you write, Copilot seeks to expedite the coding process.
  • AWS CodeWhisperer Overview: Conversely, Amazon Web Services’ AI-powered coding assistant, AWS CodeWhisperer, is made exclusively for developers operating within the AWS ecosystem. CodeWhisperer helps developers with code generation, bug detection, and troubleshooting by utilizing machine learning. Its goal is to increase code efficiency and quality by analyzing code patterns and making recommendations based on AWS best practices.

AWS CodeWhisperer vs Copilot Feature Comparison

AWS CodeWhisperer and Copilot both have several features that improve coding efficiency. Copilot excels at comprehending the context of the code being written and applying that knowledge to generate code snippets and complete functions. It provides a smooth user experience by supporting a wide range of programming languages and integrating seamlessly with popular code editors. In contrast, CodeWhisperer focuses on assisting developers within the AWS ecosystem. It provides advice on AWS-specific services, helping developers follow AWS best practices and optimize their code for AWS environments.

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Copilot has an advantage over other code suggestions because of its extensive training in publicly accessible code repositories. It frequently offers precise and pertinent recommendations. However, CodeWhisperer is a very useful tool for AWS developers because it depends on best practices and knowledge unique to AWS.

CodeWhisperer makes use of AWS’s extensive resources and knowledge to provide extra functionality like bug detection and troubleshooting. It can assist in locating possible problems in your code and offer recommendations for enhancements. Although its main purpose is code generation, Copilot might not have all of CodeWhisperer’s debugging features.

AWS CodeWhisperer vs Copilot vs Pieces

Control Your Assets. Organize developer materials with snippets, screenshots, and workflow context in an on-device AI hub.

Richer Right Away. Gain access to titles, descriptions, tags, documentation links, relevant collaborators, and much more with AI-powered enrichment.

Continued Discussions. You can effortlessly switch between the browser, IDE, and Teams in any order without losing contact with your AI assistant.

Assistance and News. Examine the channels available for support, the speed at which updates are issued, and the resolution of issues.

Your Own Google, both online and off. With a lightning-fast search experience that allows you to filter by code, tags, natural language, and other semantics, you can quickly find the materials you need.

more convenient to share. When working with colleagues, creating technical documentation, or posting instructional videos with unique shareable links, remember to preserve important context (like people’s names) for your shared resources.

Astute Conversions. With just one click, you can change the snippets’ readability, formatting, or runtime efficiency. A snippet can even be converted to a boilerplate or translated into the programming language of your choice.

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Workflow Reversed. With a chronological compass that records the “when” and “where” of your workflow, you can quickly resume where you left off by going over the things you searched, copied, saved, shared, referenced, and more.

Code from Screenshots. With its AI, Pieces enhances screenshots through code extraction and character repair, resulting in highly precise code extraction and comprehensive metadata enrichment.


AWS CodeWhisperer vs Copilot differs in scope and focus from CodeWhisperer, which offers powerful AI-driven solutions to developers. Copilot’s main advantage is its extensive training set and ability to generate accurate code suggestions in a variety of languages, whereas CodeWhisperer is more focused on debugging and AWS-specific guidance. Consider your development requirements before deciding on the best tool.

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