Android 15 Features: A User-Friendly Guide to Its Top Features


Android is constantly evolving with each new version in the fast-paced world of smartphones and technology. Android 15 includes a plethora of fascinating features that enhance functionality and user experience. Let’s look at some of the Android 15 features.

Android 15 Features Name and Release Date

With the release of Android 10, Google broke with tradition by naming Android versions with dessert codenames. From now on, all future releases of Android will just have the version number. Thus, Android 15 is just referred to as Android 15. Google still uses the dessert codenames for internal purposes, though. Vanilla Ice Cream is the internal codename for Android 15.

Although the final stable release of Android 15 is still several months away, Google has started testing the device through one beta and two developer previews. The beta release schedule for Android 15 extends through July. At that point, the platform stability of Android will be reached, meaning that no new features or APIs will be added, allowing developers to start testing their apps against these publicly available APIs. The goal of the upcoming releases will be to fix bugs and occasionally add new features.

Although Google hasn’t stated when the stable Android 15 builds will be made available, we assume it will be in October 2024, coinciding with the launch of the Pixel 9 series.


  • Screen record detection: Android 15 allows apps to recognize when they are being filmed.
  • Gemini assistant: The new built-in AI assistant, Gemini, will take the place of Google Assistant.
  • AI-powered search: Circle to Search will be enhanced to handle graphs, formulas, and more.
  • Better camera previews: Developers will be able to increase the brightness of camera previews thanks to low-light improvements.
  • Loudness control: By minimizing volume adjustments when switching between different content, Android 15 will support a seamless audio experience by incorporating the CTA-2075 loudness standard.
  • Improved PDF support: Advanced features of PDFs, such as password-protected files, annotations, form editing, searching, and copy-enabled selection, will be able to be integrated by apps.
  • App archiving: Though it operates automatically and is connected to the Play Store, this feature is already available. Android 15 may include app archiving as a feature of the operating system. With manual archiving, you could archive any app to conserve disk space.
  • Partial screen recording: Although you can already record your screen, this modification will enable you to record just one app rather than the entire screen. Although we had anticipated its release last year, it has now been confirmed for Android 15.
  • NFC changes: Additionally, it’s anticipated that Android 15 will separate system updates from NFC. The goal is to expedite Google’s ability to address issues with the NFC stack so that updates can be made available through the Play Store.
  • Audio sharing: Android 15 may make sharing media and audio easier. You could share audio from your phone with nearby devices via Bluetooth without having to pair them first. This feature will have its place in the Settings app and has been around since Android 13.
  • Satellite support: You may recall when Apple first used satellite technology to deliver Emergency SOS alerts for the iPhone 14. Google’s version allows you to message anyone, but Apple’s only communicates with emergency services. You can text without Wi-Fi or a mobile connection because it uses a satellite.
  • Network privacy: You can choose whether the name of your device is shared over a Wi-Fi network with a new privacy setting. Anonymity can be achieved when “Send device name” is disabled while connected. Android 15 will also include a toggle known as “Security notifications” that will notify you if you connect to an unencrypted network or if your SIM card details are recorded by the network.
  • Privacy Space: We’re supposed to get access to Private Space with Android 15. With the help of this privacy feature, you can hide apps from your other regular apps by placing them inside a password-protected container. You can set a new password specifically for Private Space, or you can use your current screen lock PIN or password to access it through the Settings app.
  • Offline location tracking: A brand-new feature called “Powered Off Finding” for Android 15 is anticipated to integrate with Google’s Find My Device network. Helping you find a misplaced device even when the phone is turned off is the goal. Not every Android phone will be able to run it due to a hardware requirement, but Android 15 is likely the other requirement.
  • Network security: With Android 15, Google may also add a new security feature that notifies you if a mobile network obtains your device’s unique ID or establishes an unsecured connection. On your device, an alert stating that the network “recorded your device’s unique identifier (IMSI)” will appear after a predetermined number of times within a given time frame.
  • Smart home screensaver: Additionally, there are rumors that Android 15 may launch Home Controls, a brand-new screensaver feature. Although Android already offers several ways to manage your smart devices, this feature stands out since the controls are located directly on the lock screen while your tablet or phone is charging.
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Android users in a new era of innovation by including enhanced privacy controls, AI-powered search, and sophisticated screen recording. This version promises better user experiences with features such as Gemini assistant and improved camera previews, as well as enhanced security features such as offline device tracking and network privacy controls. Android 15 changes the way smartphones are used.

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